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Nappy changing, bathing and all the little day-to-day jobs involved in caring for your baby. Buy all baby care products at PushMyCart.com.Shop for Indian Baby care products online USA, UK and across the world.

Baby Care

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  1. 4 X Patanjali Shishu Care Hair Oil

    A babys delicate hair needs gentle nurturing and care. Patanjali has lovingly formulated Shishu Care Hair Oil to provide all the care your baby needs. The olive oil base softens hair, while herbal ingredients like sunflower oil, mustard oil, coconut oil and almond oil moisturizing and nourish the roots and strands to give a protective coating against dust and dryness.
  2. Dikamali Powder

    Dikamali Powder is processed by making use of superior quality basic chemical compounds and sophisticated technology. It is available in powder form. Since it is to be used for babies, we can not risk adulteration,
  3. Patanjali Shishu Care Massage Oil 100 ml X 4

    Gently massage your babys delicate skin with the special, lightly formulated Shishu Care Massage Oil. The olive oil base, enriched with vitamin E, almond oil, sunflower oil, mustard oil, jojoba oil, and gaughrita (cow milk fat), provides natural nourishment for the baby's sensitive skin and has a soft, revitalizing effect.
  4. Patanjali Shishu Care Body Lotion

    Patanjali Shishu Care Body Lotion is a herbal product. It is a unique blend of Cucumber, Turmeric, Aloe vera, & Natural oils that moisturizes babys delicate skin leaving it soft & supple. It reduces roughness and dryness from the delicate skin of babies and improves skin glow.
  5. Patanjali Shishu Care Cream

    Environmental factors and changing seasons can rob moisture and the natural protective coating from babie skins. Pamper PatanjaliShishu Care Cream is ideal to restore the lost softness and pamper your babys delicate skin.
  6. Patanjali Shishu Care Body Wash Gel

    Wash your babys gentle body with Shishu Care Body Wash Gel is a mild, soap-free, gel-based formulation that is rich in the natural extracts of cucumber and aloe vera. Natural disinfectants turmeric, tulsi, and neem kill off surface germs and leave skin healthy; aloe vera nourishes and rehydrates the skin.
  7. Pediasure Premium Chocolate - 400 G - Jar

    Pediasure contains growth nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, calcium, vitamin D, B complex vitamins and milk protein to help support height and weight gain Contains 37 nutrients to help support height and weight gain, immunity, and brain development Pediasure is the number 1 pediatrician prescribed brand, scientifically shown to support healthy growth and development . Pediasure contains immunonutrients like vitamin C,E, zinc, selenium, copper to help support immunity
  8. Pediasure Kesar Badam - 200 G

    The PediaSure Kesar Badam health drink contains 37 vital nutrients for children above the age of 2 years. 2. This healthy drink is excellent for growth and brain development. 3. The drink contains a rich and delicious kesar badam Flavor.
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Items 1 to 8 of 14 total

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