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Hyderabad Namkeens

Telangana Specials Namkeens Shopping Online

Buy Indian Telangana Specials Namkeens or Snacks online from India to the USA. Pushmycart.com offers shopping online a variety of different flavours and types of Hyderabad Specials Namkeens at the best prices with home delivery. Order online and get a huge collection of Telangana Specials namkeens with quality products.

Hyderabad Namkeens

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  1. Janthikalu - Vellanki Foods 1lb

    Janthikalu is a traditional Andhra savoury snack. Made with flour of rice, gram and urad dal it is shaped noodle like. Popular with kids and adults alike. it is an awesome tea time snack to much on.
  2. Chekkalu - Vellanki Foods 1 Lb

    Chekkalu is a traditional savoury snack from Telugu people. It is made of rice flour, bengal gram with a hint of green chillies. Amazingly crispy and a great alternative to biscuits - Serve these chekkalu as an accompaniment with tea or coffee.
  3. Vampoosa - Vellanki Foods 1 Lb

    Vampoosa is a version of sev popular in Andhra pradesh. It is made with a mixture of besan and rice flour and Flavored with vamu (ajwain). Dig your taste buds in this mouth watering crispy, fried delight loved by all and can be had any time of the day.
  4. Murukulu - Vellanki Foods 1 LB

    Widely popular famous South Indian snack – Murkulu is a deep fried snack made with rice, gram and urad dal flour. Light and crispy, the perfect balance of spices make it an ideal accompaniment of the evening tea/coffee.
  5. Kaju Pakodi - Cashew Pakodi - Vellanki Foods 1 Lb

    People of Hyderabad swear by this crispy and nutty tasting awesome smelling pakoda. Delicious high quality cashew coated with a spicy and crispy batter and deep fried. This mouth-watering snack from Vellanki serves as an excellent starter in most Indian parties & get-togethers.
  6. Chegodi - Vellanki Foods 1 Lb

    Chegodi is a gem among traditional Andhra. Made with rice flour and shaped in the form of small rings. it is popular with kids and adults alike. Golden in shade, speckled with spots of white sesame, moongi dal and cumin. It is crunchy with an irresistible addictive taste.
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6 Item(s)