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Buy Indian Sweets Online in USA

Buy Indian Sweets Online from India. Pushmycart offers Online Shopping for Indian Sweets at the best prices. Order online India sweets in the USA and get fresh homemade sweets with the delicious taste for every occasion. You can also choose from various types of Best Indian Sweets In USA. >> Dry Fruit Sweets >> Milk Sweets >> Sugar-Free Sweets >> Andhra Sweets >> Telangana Sweets >> Karnataka Sweets >> Rajasthan Sweets >> Others


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  1. Rose cooks - Vellanki foods 10 pieces

    Rose Cookies is the typical Anglo Indian cookie and the favorite among Indian Christians during Christmas season. These are similar to European Christmas fruit cakes served during Christmas eve meals.
  2. Chilakalu - Vellanki Foods

    NameChilakalu - Vellanki Foods
    Ingredients Sugar, Water
    Shelf Life20 Days
    Pieces Per LB-
  3. Madatha Kaja Small - Vellanki Foods

    Madatha Kaja is a Traditional Andhra sweet which has crispy layered sweet. This is generally made from Maida (plain flour). We added grated pistachios and almonds, ghee & rice flour for the fillings.
  4. Kajjikayalu - Vellanki Foods

    NameKajjikayalu - Vellanki Foods
    Ingredients Maida, Coconut, Semolina (Bombay Ravva), Sugar, Jaggery, Oil
    Shelf Life7 Days
    Pieces Per LB10 approx
  5. Dry Fruit Halwa - Vellanki Foods

    NameDry Fruit Halwa- Vellanki Foods
    IngredientsDry fruits, Sugar, Ghee
    Shelf Life15 Days
    Pieces Per LB16 approx
  6. Pootharekulu Sugar - Vellanki Foods

    NamePootarekulu(Sugar) - Vellanki Foods
    Ingredients Rice flour, Sugar, Ghee
    Shelf Life15 Days
    Pieces Per LB12 approx
  7. Kaju Pista Rolls - Vellanki Foods

    NameKaju Pista Rolls - Vellanki Foods
    Ingredients Cashews, Pistha, Sugar, Ghee, Food color
    Shelf Life5 Days
    Pieces Per LB16 approx
  8. Thapeshwaram Kaja - Vellanki Foods

    Thapeshwaram kaja - Vellanki foods Ingredients - Maida, Sugar, Oil . Shelf Life - 7 Days Pieces (1 Kg) - 20 Approx.
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Items 25 to 32 of 64 total

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