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Buy Indian Sweets Online in USA

Buy Indian Sweets Online from India. Pushmycart offers Online Shopping for Indian Sweets at the best prices. Order online India sweets in the USA and get fresh homemade sweets with the delicious taste for every occasion. You can also choose from various types of Best Indian Sweets In USA. >> Dry Fruit Sweets >> Milk Sweets >> Sugar-Free Sweets >> Andhra Sweets >> Telangana Sweets >> Karnataka Sweets >> Rajasthan Sweets >> Others


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  1. Kalakand - Agra Sweets

    Agra Sweets is very famous sweets Brand in Hyderabad.The Kalakand sweets are made of pure Ghee and milk. The Kalakand sweet taste of sweet is very well known by all south Indian.
  2. Dry Gulab Jamun - Agra Sweets

    Dry gulab jamun recipe is different from kala jamun. To make the dry gulab jamuns, jamuns are made the regular way and then soaked in sugar syrup till they absorb the syrup and become soft from inside. Then drained off from the sugar syrup and just rolled in sugar and refrigerated.
  3. Sugar-Free Gond Laddu - Agra Sweets

    Sugar-Free Gond Laddu Gond or dink is the main ingredient in this recipe. It is a natural edible gum which is white or little brown in color. It provides heat to the body and is eaten in cold winter season.
  4. Malai Laddoo - Agra Sweets

    Malai Ladoo one of the most famous sweets in North India which is made from condensed milk. Because it is a sensitive sweet, actual shape may deviate in transit
  5. Pootharekulu-Sugar - Agra Sweets

    Pootharekulu is a popular sweet from Andhra Pradesh in india, prepared with thin flaky sheets of paper made of rice flour rolled with sugar and ghee.
  6. Dry Fruit Burfi - Agra Sweets

    Dryfruit Burfi from Almond house Sweets is popular Sweets. It is also a popular home and office party, menu.
    NameDry Fruit Burfi (Agra Sweets)
    IngredientsAnjeer, Kaju, pista, Kissmiss,Khoya, Sugar, Ghee
    Shelf Life15 days
    Pieces for LB11 approx
  7. Telangana Boondi Laddo - Agra Sweets

    Boondi Ladoo is a yummy orange sphere made from specially prepared boondi. The looks of this particular sweet is so appealing and its taste satisfies ones watering mouth. It is prepared pure from pure ingredients and the premium quality desi ghee.
  8. Sugar-Free Dry Fruit Barfi - Agra Sweets

    Sugar-Free Dry fruit barfi - Agra sweets Apart from mixed dry fruits, sesame seeds and desiccated coconut is used. Since made of dry fruits, dry fruit burfi is warming in nature and hence good for cold seasons. Sugar is not added, the sweetness comes from dates, figs and raisins. It is a guilt free sweet that you can enjoy in any festivities.
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Items 1 to 8 of 29 total

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