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Health Care

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  1. 4 X Henna Powder

    Henna Powder known as Mehandi is a hair Coloring dimension from hundreds of years. It is a symbol of modern fashion to many women and men lately
  2. 4 X Guntagaragaraku Powder

    Guntagaragaraku Powder
  3. 4 X Gandha Kachuralu Or Aromatic Ginger

    Gandha Kajjuralu is used in washing hair, stimulates hair roots & it induces hair growth. It lends pleasant perfume to the hair. It is also used in Local inflammations, Nausea, Asthma, Bronchitis, Hiccups and in pain
  4. 4 X Shikakaya Powder

    Shikakaya Powder is effectively cleanses the scalp and hair. It can be considered as a mild hair cleanser which is good for dry scalp as it doesnt take away too much of the natural oils from the scalp.
  5. 4 X Gorintaku Choornam Or Henna Powder

    Henna powder adds sustenance to the hair and clears dandruff. Useful in treatment of liver development and acts against balding and reinforces hair.
  6. 4 X Neeli Aaku Powder - Indigo Leaves Powder

    Enriched with protein and Hair darkening herbs Indigo leaves powder is applied on hair, 20 minutes before bath, to relieve grey hairs and to promote hair growth Leaf powder is applied externally to heal wound quickly, also useful in case of insect bites and skin disorders with itching.
  7. 4 X Mandara Puvvu Powder

    Mandara puvvu Powder
  8. Flax Seeds Powder

    Flax seeds Powder
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Items 1 to 8 of 10 total

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