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  1. 4 X Patanjali Avipattikar Churna

    Patanjali Avipattikar Churna is a combination of ayurvedic herbs recommended for gastrointestinal problems.
  2. 2 X Kottakkal Pippalya Asavam 450ml

    Pippali is one of the most powerful Rasayana herbs, Pippali Rasayana is considered pivotal for the purification process in the body, because it cleans the shrotas that transport nutrients and help in the removal of wastes from the body.
  3. 4 X Patanjali Pachak Hing Peda

    Patanjali Pachak Hing Peda is an ayurvedic medicine helps in alleviate digestion problems like upset stomach, intestinal gas, intestinal worms, flatulence
  4. 4 X Kotakkal Krimishodini Gulika

    Kotakkal Krimishodini Gulika Krimishodhini - Ayurvedic drug to kill parasites. Crimi - translated from Tamil means "worms" or parasites. This drug is best suited to kill worms, ascarids, apestorhov, lyabley and others.
  5. 4 X Patanjali Pachak Anardana Churna

    Patanjali Pachak Anardana Churna is an ayurvedic medicine which provides digestive support and natural flatulence relief.
  6. 4 X Dabur Pudin Hara - Active

    Pudin hara active (liquid) contains pudina. It helps effectively in stomach ache, gas and indigestion. Pudin Hara is totally safe and natural.
  7. Patanjali Dashmularishta 450 ml X 2

    Dashmularishta is a potent formulation for women. It combines the goodness of dashmool with other herbs and natural extracts. Dashmularishta cures post-partum and uterine infections, general weakness in women and resolves lactation issues. It eliminates bacteria from your system, boosts immunity and gives strength. Dashmularishta is enriched in natural vitamins and minerals which helps you recuperate fast and increases lactation. Experience the wholesomeness of Ayurvedic healing in your life with Dashmularishta.
  8. 4 X Patanjali Gashar Churna

    Patanjali Gashar Churna is a blend of ayurvedic herbs that helps in the treatment of gastric disorders.
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Items 1 to 8 of 96 total

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