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  1. Almond Kesar Kanti Soap - Patanjali

    Almond kesar kanti body cleanser helps to reduce wrinkles. It prevents cell damage and also fights with some skin disorders. It makes skin glowing.


    Badam Oil, Kesar, Aloevera.
  2. 4 X Patanjali Badam Rogan

    Reduces dark circles, lip pigmentation and lip dryness to a considerable extent.Makes hair smooth and shiny.
  3. Dabur Honey

    Dabur Honey is a top health food across the globe, honey is a wonderful creation. The health properties of this thick golden liquid have been valued since ages.It benefit as Weight management- A spoonful of honey taken with warm water in the morning is known to aid weight management.
  4. Dabur Sauce - Capsico - Red Pepper

    Dabur Capsico Red Pepper Sauce is an extra-fiery, extra-hot sauce. It is made from the choicest fresh, strong red peppers.
  5. 4 X Dabur Pudin Hara - Active

    Pudin hara active (liquid) contains pudina. It helps effectively in stomach ache, gas and indigestion. Pudin Hara is totally safe and natural.
  6. Dabur Glucose-D

    The Dabur Glucose D is a powder mix used to create an energy drink that quickly revitalizes you. It is designed to quickly quench your thirst.
  7. Dabur Sharbat-E-Azam

    Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam made up of several herbs and fruit and vegetable juices. Its ingredients include: Several juices, Distillate of vegetable and herbs.
  8. 4 X Dabur Janma Ghunti

    Dabur Janma Ghunti plays as an efficient medicine for stomach ailments arising out of teething such as flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting etc.
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Items 17 to 24 of 9620 total

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