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Ayurveda Products Online

Buy Authentic Ayurvedic Products online directly from India. Pushmycart offers shopping online for Ayurvedic Medicine In the USA with fast delivery to your home. Order Ayurvedic and Herbel Products online from our online Ayurvedic Stores In USA and discount offer available.


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  1. 2 X Kottakkal Varadi Kasayam 200ml

    Varadi Kashayam is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It has its roots in Kerala Ayurveda system of practice. This herbal decoction preparation is widely used in southern part of India in the treatment of obesity.
  2. 2 X Kottakkal Varanadi Kasha Yam Decoction 200ml

    Very useful in the abscess and inflammation of the internal organs and migraine.
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