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Diabetic Hosiery

Now you can opt for the right kind of Hosiery when you have a strain in your hands and feet during Diabetes. The hosiery recommended for Diabetic patients are compressive, which in turn regulates the blood flow in the veins of your feet. Purchase the right Diabetic hosiery and avail the relieving Compression therapy.


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  1. Control D Healthy Socks Cotton

    Control D Healthy Socks Cotton packet of 1 Socks
  2. Control D Healthy Socks Bamboo

    Control D Healthy Socks Bamboo packet of 1 Socks
  3. Flamingo Diabetic Socks

    Flamingo Socks Are The Best Option For Diabetic Patients To Reduce The Pain And Risk Of Injury. Best Socks For Sensitive Feet, Wide Calves, Wide Feet, Swollen Ankles, Feet & Legs, Poor Blood Circulation. It Keeps Feet More Comfortable Than Regular Socks. Suitable For Male Or Female Universal Adjustable Size. The Flamingo Heel Has Been Designed To Fit The Contours Of Your Foot. Easy Hand-Wash Stuff. Only Black Color Is Available.
  4. Insulin Cool Pouch

    For Two Insulin Pens Storage Keeps Insulin cool and safe Activated by immersing in water Reusable No refrigeration required One year warranty Easy to carry DESCRIPTION How To Use Immerse the unactivated inner balck pouch in cold water for 5-8 mins. Drain the excess water, dab it dry with a towel and insert into the outer grey pouch. Insert the 'In-use' insulin in the inner activated black pouch Repeat the above process after 45 hours to reactivate the pouch
  5. Flamingo Diabetic Socks With Anti -Skid

    Diabetic Socks are extra-thick and will reduce the chance of damage to your feet and keep blood glucose levels under control. The sock's full-cushion lining, which was designed for easy and pain-free walking. A diabetic sock is helping in blood circulation or skin irritation of any sort. The socks' thin and light weight cotton interior makes for an incredibly comfortable fit. The foot area of these socks is constructed with CoolMax and Anti-Microbial X- Static Silver to keep your feet sweat-free.
  6. Flamingo Lumbar Sacro Belt

    Improves posture and checks abdominal sag side traps for effective bracing of the back It is found to be very effective in degenerative disc disaease It is recommended in lumbosacral spondylolysis, osteoporotic pain of the lumbar spines, post discketomy care, lumbosacral or sacro iliac mechanical due to poor posture Effective for lower back ache patient Available in 4 sizes
  7. Plastic Deepam Haldi KumKum Holder (pack of 10)

    Plastic Deepam Haldi KumKum Holder (pack of 10) Product design may slightly vary. A Beautiful Handcrafted Addition to your Pooja Room
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7 Item(s)