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  1. Ganesha Rudraksha

    Ganesh Rudraksha having a trunk like elevation on its surface is known as Ganesh Rudraksha. A person who worn Ganesh Rudraksha gets relief from all Obstacles, gains wealth and it brings luck and success. It is directly from Rishikesh.
  2. Natural Sphatik Shivling Lab Tested

    It is a white shiny and transparent stone also called Quartz .According to Astrology , Sphatik (quartz) is related to Venus. It is a substitute of Diamond. Quartz gems are popular among gem therapists because they produce electrochemical balance in the body and remove anxiety, and make one calm and aid in concentrating. Using a rosary made from Sphatik gives concentration, cools the body, and calms the mind. Wearing a crystal mala ensures a sound and undisturbed sleep.
  3. Natural Haldi Mala - 108 + 1 Beads

    Natural turmeric beads mala 108+1
  4. Natural 5 Face Rudraksha Mala 108 Beads For Wearing Purpose - Lab Certified

    Natural 5 Face Rudraksha Mala 6.30 mm 108 quality beads / natural color paanch mukhi Rudraksha mala / 100% Energised natural 5 face Rudraksha mala lab certified - Top selling on Amazon / Himalaya Rudraksha / 100% Energised paanch mukhi Rudraksha / original Rudraksha / certified Rudraksha bead / himalaya Rudrakshaa
  5. NATURAL 3 FACE RUDRAKSH (Lab Certified)

  6. Sulemani Mala - 108 + 1 Beads

    Natural Hakik Sulemani Mala Black Color With white bands For Removing Negatitvity
  7. Natural 3 Face Rudraksha With Lab Tested Report Of Authenticity Denotes Goddess Saraswati Ji

    The ruling planet is Mars; malefic effects are disease of blood, blood pressure, weakness, disturbed menstrual cycle, kidney etc.. Depression, negative and guilty feelings, inferiority complexes can be lessened by wearing this mukhi. The three mukhi Rudraksha is worn to boost the self-confidence and to counter depressions. It also provides physical strengths and helps in cure of several diseases. It also wards off ill-luck and tensions and can help purify all sins.
  8. Natural 8 Mukhi Rudraksh ( Lab Tested)

    8 Face Rudraksh Comes with :- 1. Lab Tested Report Of Authenticity By Gemmologist- GII, Mumbai. 2. Energized with Lord blessings. 3. Origin:- Nepal 4. Shape:- Round
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Items 17 to 24 of 103 total

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