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India is known for its rich ethnic clothes variety, everywhere throughout the globe. India has been making world-class clothes for several thousands of year. Ethnic garments are only something that recognizes one a player in India from the other.
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  1. 4 X OphthaCare EYE DROPS-Himalaya

    OphthaCare has strong antimicrobial and antihistaminic properties, which battle infective and unfavorably susceptible eye issue. The medication's pain relieving property eases torment, and its calming property is compelling in mitigating irritation.
  2. 2 X Oxitard CAPSULES-Himalaya

    Oxidative pressure can prompt coronary vein ailment, dermatosis and diabetes mellitus among different infirmities. Because of its strong cell reinforcement properties, Oxitard forestalls photodamage and oxidation-related tissue harm.
  3. 2 X Rumalaya forte TABLETS-Himalaya

    The herb enhances the blood supply to the joints and reestablishes the respectability of veins crushed by fits. The corruption of glycosaminoglycans, which prompts articular harm and ligament breakdown, is a typical condition in patients on non-steroidal mitigating drugs (NSAIDs).
  4. 4 X Rumalaya TABLETS-Himalaya

    Enhances blood course to the joints notwithstanding its mitigating and pain relieving properties, which are useful in treating joint a throbbing painfulness identified with joint pain and stiffness. It is a powerful calming that is helpful in treating joint gout, joint pain and other incendiary joint conditions.
  5. 4 X Purim TABLETS-Himalaya

    Purim's sterile, antibacterial, antifungal, calming, antiviral, injury recuperating and hostile to unfavorably susceptible properties work synergistically to treat skin diseases. As a hepatostimulant, the medication enhances liver capacity and its detoxifying property expels poisonous metabolic items from the body.
  6. 4 X Serpina TABLETS-Himalaya

    An impactful smelling herb, which is a strong enemy of hypertensive. Its Sanskrit name, Sarpagandha, actually means 'smells like a snake'. Reserpine, a functioning compound found in Rauwolfia, renders the herb its antihypertensive property. Its enemy of hypertensive movement is ascribed to a lessening in fringe obstruction and the subsequent reduction in cardiovascular yield.
  7. 4 X Pilex OINTMENT-Himalaya

    Pilex shrivels heap mass, controls draining and recuperates aroused skin and the bodily fluid layer. The medication offers symptomatic alleviation from rectal dying, torment, irritation and rectifies unending stoppage related with hemorrhoids.
  8. 4 X Pilex TABLETS-Himalaya

    Pilex shrivels heap mass, controls draining and mends aroused skin and the bodily fluid layer. The medication offers symptomatic help from rectal dying, agony, irritation and remedies endless obstruction related with hemorrhoids.
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8 Item(s)