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Natural Pearl Bracelets For Wearing Purpose Lab Tested

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Pearl bracelets are made from either saltwater or freshwater pearls. No two pearls are alike and the uniqueness of a pearl bracelet gives it its value. Higher priced pearl bracelets are constructed with spherical pearls, the more perfect and symmetrically shaped pearls commanding the highest price tags. Many pearl bracelets are created with pear-shaped pearls. Baroque pearl bracelets are the least expensive and contain irregularly shaped pearls. There are many colors of pearls that are used in pearl bracelet jewelry design. A pearl’s ‘body color’ refers to the general hue of the gem. Pearls come in white, cream, silver, yellow, black or pink. Many of these beautiful gems give off an overtone color when hit with reflective light, like a white pearl bracelet that reflects with a pinkish sheen.


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